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I thought he was trying to manage expectations of how quickly those detainees who remain can be sorted into two categories: those who will be released and those who will be prosecuted

Closing Gitmo may take up to a year Jan 13, 2009

We very much need a clean, decisive break from current (Bush administration) policies

Post-Guantanamo planning under way Nov 18, 2008

We have to close the loop of yesterday's issues and at the same time we need to be focused on today and tomorrow

Think tank considers Bush-Putin summit May 15, 2002

Policymakers in the United States should be appreciative of support the Russians have offered but mindful that the positive murmurings coming from (Russian) President (Vladimir) Putin seem not to be shared by many in Russia, especially the military. This is not entirely surprising. The military relationship between the United States and Russia prior to Sept. 11 was on shaky ground and even the tragedy did not erase all the bad feelings. Resistance in military circles means that efforts to cooperate on counter-terrorism with the United States will be, at least for a time, a bit ragged. President Putin may have to expend political capital in order to get folks lining up behind him and his quest to join the global anti-terrorist coalition. He will be tested as a leader not only on the world stage but at home. If he fails, the Russian military will continue to be part of the problem, especially in Chechnya, rather than part of the solution

Think Tank Wrap-up Oct 11, 2001

There are two audiences: the Russians and the various European countries

Obama outlines new defense plan for Europe Sep 17, 2009