Sara Sidle is a fictional character featured in the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She is portrayed by actress Jorja Fox. Sidle is a forensic scientist and one of the core characters of the show, which revolves around a crime scene investigation team from Clark County, Nevada that investigates cases in and around the city of Las Vegas. In the first seven years of the show, Sidle appears in every episode except in the pilot, "Random Acts of Violence" from season three, "Jackpot" from season four, "Hollywood Brass" from season five, and "Spellbound" from season six.

Sara Sidle has gained an extensive fan base throughout the years. A romantic relationship between Sidle and her supervisor, Gil Grissom, was hinted at during the first years of the show, but it was only in CSI's season six that the relationship was confirmed and then made definitive with Grissom's marriage proposal in season eight.

In September 2007, there were rumors of Fox leaving the show. Fans from all over the world sent money and gifts to CSI's writers and producers to "Keep Jorja Fox in CSI". Although the campaign received some minor publicity and comments to the media from Fox and Carol Mendelsohn, it proved fruitless when, in October 2007, Fox confirmed her departure from the show.

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