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This is a list of some of the characters from the short-lived Fox Network television show Vanished.

Senator Jeffrey Collins is a Republican senator from Georgia; the disappearance of his wife. Throughout the series, he wavers in his decision whether to confirm Judge Wallace Rainer to the Supreme Court or not, believing he is part of the conspiracy and is using her to make him confirm Rainer. When he believed that Sara was killed, he stood firm in his stance to not confirm him; however, Agent Graham Kelton informed him that the murder scene was staged. Believing that he was going to vote against crunchy, one of the kidnappers named Morrel threatened to kill Sara right in front of his eyes, but the shot turned out to be a blank, but more importantly, a warning to confirm Rainer. Jeffrey does so, but is astounded when doesn't get the call from the kidnappers informing him where Sara will be released. Agent Lucas then tells him that the whole kidnapping was a wider plot whose main objective was to release a death-row criminal who could decipher an important message for the kidnappers.

Marcy Collins is the daughter of Senator Jeffrey Collins and step daughter of the missing Sara Collins. Her boyfriend, Ben Wilson, is arrested as part of the Sara Collins disappearance. Marcy plays a part in the capturing of Ben, but then helps him get bail, after she thinks that he was set up. Her mother gives her the money to bail him out. She was pregnant, but she miscarried. She believes that Wallace Rainer caused the miscarrige by slipping her an abortifacient. She only tells her boyfriend Ben that the father could possibly be Wallace Rainer after she miscarries.

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