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Peter Löwenbräu Griffin is an Irish American fictional character of the animated television series Family Guy. His middle name, Löwenbräu, is revealed in the episode "Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater". Peter is the patriarch of the Griffin household and one of the central characters on the show. He is married to Lois, and is the father of Meg, Chris, Stewie and Bertram. His voice, which has a thick Rhode Island accent, is performed by the show's creator and lead writer, Seth MacFarlane.

Peter is unintelligent and consistently depicted as crude and lowbrow. He enjoys stereotypical blue-collar activities such as causing mischief while drinking with his friends. His favorite pastime is watching television. An I.Q. test confirms that his low intellect places him in a category slightly below mentally retarded. Peter's brash impulsiveness leads to several odd scenarios, such as attempting to molest Meg in order to adopt a redneck lifestyle. He is incredibly jealous of other attractions Lois has in her life, an attitude that tends to get out of hand in most cases. He mostly loves his children, although he emotionally abuses, and sometimes physically abuses Meg, and neglects Stewie a great deal.

Whereas Lois' old money lineage is well-defined, Peter's ancestry is obscured by dozens of ancestors. The most prominent of these relatives is Nate Griffin, an African American slave, who was owned by Lois' ancestors, and fell in love with their daughter, which means Lois and Peter would be related if Peter's father was Francis Griffin, the stern Roman Catholic Irish American patriarch of the first five seasons. That was revealed not to be his father but was in fact an Irishman named Mickey McFinnigan, a town drunk who resembles his son in every aspect, save red hair and an aged face. In another episode, "Padre de Familia", Peter discovers that he was actually born in Mexico, where his mother went for an abortion. Thelma went into labor during the procedure, and smuggled him home. She never filed his citizenship papers out of shame, which made Peter an illegal immigrant until he received citizenship at the end of the episode.

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