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Morihiro Hosokawa (細川 護煕 Hosokawa Morihiro, born January 14, 1938) is a Japanese politician who was the 79th Prime Minister of Japan from August 9, 1993 to April 28, 1994. His coalition was the first non-Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) government since 1955.

Hosokawa Morihiro was born in Tokyo as the eldest son of Morisada, 5th Marquis Hosokawa, the head of the Hosokawa and titular Daimyo (Lord) of Kumamoto. He is the grandson of former Japanese Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe. Owing to his birth, he was born a marquis, but lost the title in 1947 at the age of nine when the kazoku, or peerage was abolished by the American occupation government.

He received his LL.B. from Sophia University in 1961. After working for the newspaper the Asahi Shimbun as journalist for several years, he was elected to the House of Councillors of Japan as a member of the LDP in 1971, representing Kumamoto Prefecture.

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