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Dan Mircea Geoană (born July 14, 1958 in Bucharest) is a Romanian politician, and the current president of the upper chamber of the Romanian Parliament, the Senate. Since 21 April 2005 he has been the head of the Partidul Social Democrat (PSD, Social Democratic Party), one of Romania's largest parties. He is the candidate of the party for the position of President of Romania in the upcoming elections.

From December 28, 2000 to December 28, 2004, Geoană was the Foreign Minister of Romania, as part of the PSD government of Adrian Năstase. After the Romanian legislative elections of 2004, he was replaced by Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu from the Justice and Truth Alliance.

In 2001, Geoană was the chairman of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. In 2004, during the local government elections in Romania, he ran for Mayor of Bucharest, but lost to Traian Băsescu of the Democratic Party.

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