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Mugshot of Nifong from his 2007 arrest

Michael Byron Nifong (born September 14, 1950) is a disbarred North Carolina attorney. He was district attorney for Durham County, North Carolina (the state's 14th Prosecutorial District), but was removed due to his misconduct in the 2006 Duke University lacrosse case. Observers consider several criminal justice bills passed by the North Carolina legislature later that same year to have been influenced by Nifong's actions in the Duke lacrosse case.

Orlando Sentinel and The Washington Post Writers Group columnist Kathleen Parker has coined a neologism using his name: "Now we can 'Nifong' someone when we want to trump up criminal charges based on flimsy evidence allegedly for political purposes. In short, when we want to screw up someone's life." Freda Black, in her 2008 run for Durham County District Attorney, also employed this term as part of her campaign platform: "Don't get 'Nifonged' again!" .

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