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The Marine Safety Insignia is awarded to members of the United States Coast Guard, United States Coast Guard Reserve, Coast Guard Civilians and United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. For enlisted members to receive this they must be E-4 or above.

To receive the Marine Safety Insignia the member must obtain four Marine Safety qualifications found in MSM Vol 1, Chap. 7.C.2 with the exception of the following qualifications: Liferaft Inspector (LR), Pistol (EP), Rifle (ER), Shotgun (ES), and any local qualifications such as OOD, CDO, or watchstander. They must have four years of service in a Marine Safety program at a Marine Safety Field unit.

Temporary entitlement may be issued by the Commanding Officer of a Marine Safety field unit to a member who has received four Marine Safety qualifications but has not been at the unit for at least four years. The Marine Safety Insignia can be worn while the member is permanently assigned to the unit or another Marine Safety field unit. The entitlement becomes permanent after 4 years of Marine Safety field unit experience is completed. Within the Coast Guard Marine Safety community, it is commonly referred to by its nickname "The Golden Shrimp Fork".

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