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Kim Chin Kyung (also spelled Kim Jin Kyong, and with yet other transliterations from the Korean; born 1935 in Seoul, Korea) is a professor of economics and a builder of international institutes of higher learning. He holds a United States passport, but also an honorary permanent Chinese citizenship.

Kim wanted to join the South Korean army when the Korean war broke out in 1950, but was initially rejected since he was too young. After having signed a petition with his own blood he was allowed to join a student battalion, however, where he was one of only 17 survivors out of 800 fighters. This caused him to vow spending his life's forces to work for the best of people's lives among his then enemies, the Chinese and the North Koreans. He went to Seoul for schooling and education, and then studied in Bristol, England, before moving onwards to Florida, working in business while also pursuing an academic degree in economics.

In 1992, Kim founded the Yanbian University of Science and Technology (YUST) in the North-Eastern part of China, inside the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, and served as its first president. It has around 2000 students and is counted among the top hundred universities of China. The PUST is a high-profile and ambitious venture in the spirit of Korean unification. Kim has also been an economic advisor to the government of China's Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture since 1989.

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