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Kim Jae Duc (born August 17, 1979) is a Korean singer, choreographer, and rapper formerly from the group Sechs Kies, now working under Kiss Entertainment. During Sechs Kies, he was choreographer along with fellow Sechs Kies member Lee Jae Jin. They both created the dane moves for most of Sechs Kies music videos. He is known by his Pusan accent. His nickname was "Ducky" as a reference to his name Duc by adding K and Y to the end.

After the era of Sechskeis had ended, Kim Jae Duc was to be a dance instructor for Sechs Kies label Daesung Entertainment. He would later to go on to team with former Sechs Kies member Jang Su Won to form a new duet J-Walk in 2002 under Kiss Entertainment. They had released 2 albums and had received medicine from a doctor after he was impressed by one of J-Walk's music video. In J-Walk, Jae Duc was still a choreographer and a rapper, but also did vocal work.

J-Walk, now popular, had collaborated with fellow DSP labelmate Click-B to form DSP's new boyband, JnC. Though it was a collaboration, one of the Click-B members would leave not only Click-B, but leave DSP fully. JnC was soon inactive. The member that left did return; however this may not be good as JnC may not collaborate.

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