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Kim Hyun-Hui (Hangul: 김현희, Hanja: 金賢姬; aka Ok Hwa) (b. January 27, 1962, Kaesong) is one of the North Korean agents responsible for the Korean Air Flight 858 bombing in 1987.

Kim Hyun Hui's father served in the North Korean Department of Foreign Affairs and as a result, the family lived in Cuba for some time. Kim excelled as a student and in after-school activities. In college, she studied Japanese. This later proved to be a fateful decision for Kim and led to her selection as an agent for the North Korean Communist Party.

Once selected to become an agent for the Party, Kim was given a new name Ok Hwa and sent to live in a compound outside of Pyongyang. There, Kim was trained in martial arts, physical fitness, and Japanese for three years. Her language instructor was a Japanese woman using the Korean name Lee Eun-Hye (李恩恵, 리은혜) who had been apparently kidnapped from Japan, later Kim testified she was Yaeko Taguchi.  Additionally, students at this facility were shown propaganda films and indoctrinated regarding North Korean communism. At the end of her training, Kim was rigorously tested. Part of her final exam required her to infiltrate and steal documents from a mock embassy.

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