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Keith Pepperell (born 1949 in Chelmsford, England) is currently a Professor of Humanities at Columbus State Community College, Otterbein College, and Columbus College of Art and Design, in Columbus, Ohio, USA, where he teaches Philosophy, Logic, Ethics and World Civilizations. He holds a bachelors degree in law, masters degrees in politics, philosophy and education and a doctorate in philosophy. He practiced law before becoming a professor. Pepperell also performs as a professional stand-up comedian under the stage name of Keith Collins who is not the Keith Collins formally of SAVATAGE. Pepperell has three young children and lives in Ohio. He is working on a book on privacy. Pepperell has also written rap music and is currently producing a documentary with the working title 'Duck Duck Goose.' As an expert on ancient technology, Dr. Pepperell has recently worked on a 9 program television series for the History Channel that first aired in the Summer of 2008. He appeared in episodes 1,2,4,7,8,and 9. Some of the devices shown were The Halifax Gibbet, The Iron Maiden, The Rack, The Iron Boot, Rocket Propelled Fire Arrows, The Prison Tread Wheel, The Chinese Repeating Crossbow, The Battering Ram, The Morning Star Mace, The Joust, The Strappado, The Shame Flute, The Baghdad Battery, Archimedes' Death Ray, Heron's Steam Engine, Cat o'Nine Tails and The Chastity Belt. Pepperell also appears as consultant historian on five recently released History Channel DVs: Torture Devices of the Middle Ages, Harsh Punishment and Hard Labor, and The Cat o'Nine Tails and Human Knotting. Professor Pepperell can also be seen as consultant historian on The AOL videos: The Battering Ram, The Halifax Gibbet, The Tread Wheel, The Joust, and Pressed to Death. He will appear in several other DVDs that will be presented later in 2008 by A&E the first of which is entitled The Spanish Inquisition. Surviving History was also shown in the fall of 2008 on the History International Channel. Dr. Pepperell's own production company KCP31TV has recently competed principal photography for a network television series pilot called Another Man's Treasure.It is anticipated that this will air in 2009. Recently Pepperell has written a shooting script for a television production called Firm and Moist. This will portray the adventures of two elderly Scottish ladies, Lady Estima Davenport and Dr. Murial Dinwiddy. Originally this was intended as a spoof for a filmwriting class but will now air as a television pilot/series and is presently in post-production. It is intended to present these two pilots at The New York Television Festival. Dr. Pepperell was a successful athlete/coach in his native England where he played hockey for triple European Champions Southgate and coached the runners-up in the British Colleges Championships. Pepperell competed in British Universities Championships in hockey, track and field, golf, and cricket and played representative sport in several international competitions.

Pepperell's published works and presentations include:

Pepperell has taught at The Ohio State University, The Columbus College of Art and Design, The Middle Eastern Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, The University of Western Ontario, Otterbein College and The Henley College, Oxford.

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