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Katrina Leung News

Katrina Leung (simplified Chinese: 陈文英; traditional Chinese: 陳文英; pinyin: Chén Wényīng) (a.k.a. Chan Man Ying, Chen Wen Ying, Luo Zhongshan, Parlor Maid) was a former high value Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and PRC Ministry of State Security (MSS) agent who, on April 9, 2003, was indicted by the United States Department of Justice for Unauthorized Copying of National Defense Information with Intent to Injure or Benefit a Foreign Nation. Her case was later dismissed on January 6, 2005 because of prosecutorial misconduct. It is unclear whether her primary loyalty while working as an asset lay with the United States, the People's Republic of China, or herself. Regardless, she is alleged by the United States Government to have contaminated twenty years of intelligence relating to the People's Republic of China as well as critically compromising the FBI's Chinese counterintelligence program.

Leung emigrated to the United States in 1970 using a Taiwanese passport stating that she was born on May 1, 1954, in Guangzhou. The information about Leung's background is unclear because her official immigration documents significantly differ from what Leung herself has revealed about her background. Leung enrolled at Washington Irving High School in New York City, New York and graduated in June, 1972. She became a permanent resident alien on August 7, 1972.

Leung attended and obtained an undergraduate degree from Cornell University in 1976. She then went on and obtained a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Chicago. It was somewhere during this time as a student that Leung was contacted by the FBI for information on some of her acquaintances.

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