Johnny Long, otherwise known as "j0hnny" or "j0hnnyhax", is a renowned computer security expert, author, and public speaker in the United States.

Long is well known for his background in Google hacking, a process by which vulnerable servers on the Internet can be identified through specially constructed Google searches. He has gained fame as a prolific author and editor of numerous computer security books.

Early in his career, in 1996, Long joined Computer Sciences Corporation and formed the corporation's vulnerability assessment team known as Strike Force. Following a short position at Ciphent as their chief scientist, Long now dedicates his time to the Hackers for Charity organization. He continues to provide talks at many well-publicized security events around the world. In recent years, Long has become a regular speaker at many annual security conferences including DEF CON, the Black Hat Briefings, ShmooCon, and Microsoft's BlueHat internal security conferences. Recently, his efforts to start the Hackers for Charity movement have gained notable press attention. His talks have ranged from Google hacking to how Hollywood portrays hackers in film.

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