James J. Kilpatrick (born November 1, 1920) is an American columnist and grammarian.

Kilpatrick began writing his syndicated political column, "A Conservative View," in 1964, after he had spent many years as an editor of the Richmond News-Leader. Once a fervent segregationist, he changed his position over many years' reflection and subsequently renounced his former thinking, though he remained a staunch opponent of actual or perceived federal encroachments upon the individual states.

Kilpatrick is perhaps best known for his nine years as a debater on the TV news magazine 60 Minutes. He appeared in a closing segment on each show in the 1970s called "Point-Counterpoint," opposite Nicholas von Hoffman and, later, Shana Alexander). The showdown was parodied most famously on NBC's Saturday Night Live, where Dan Aykroyd, playing Kilpatrick's alter-ego, would invariably shout "Jane, you ignorant slut!," to which Jane Curtin, modeled after Alexander, would retort "Dan, you pompous ass."

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