Ipsos-Reid, formerly known as the Angus Reid Group, is a research company bought by Ipsos in 2000. Angus Reid Group was founded in 1979 by Angus Reid in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada atop a 7/11 (the convenience store). It grew to be the largest market research company in Canadian history. Ipsos was founded in 1975 by Didier Truchot, a Paris-based communications specialist. It debuted on the Paris Stock Exchange on July 1, 1999. Its revenues in 2002 reached 538.4 million euros, or approximately 690 million USD. Since 1990, it has acquired or created over 40 companies across the globe. It has offices in 35 countries, and does varied research in over a hundred countries. It is second among global survey-based research companies, with over 4,500 clients worldwide. Each year, it conducts over six million interviews in its research, employing over 3,466 people full-time. The current president of Ipsos Canada is Gary Bennewies.

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