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Inayat Bunglawala is media secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain. He has written articles for The Times, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Daily Express, The Observer and The Sun focusing on Islam and current affairs. He is an activist for Islamist concerns and joined The Young Muslims UK in 1987. He is also a co-presenter of the weekly 'Politics and Media Show' on the Islam Channel (SKY 813).

Inayat's views as media secretary for the Muslim Council of Britain are often quoted in the press. He often discusses matters of religion as well as politics.

Despite accusations of anti-Semitism, he was selected as one of seven "conveners" for a Home Office task force with responsibilities for tackling extremism among young Muslims. He rejects these accusations as "traditional Zionist tactic" aimed to "silence critics of Israel", as he's a outspoken defender of what he feels is Israeli oppression of the Palestinians. Their proposals included:

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