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David Alexander Wolf (born 23 August 1956) is an American astronaut and a veteran of four space shuttle missions and an extended stay aboard the Mir space station.

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he graduated from North Central High School, Wolf earned a degree in electrical engineering from Purdue University and, in 1982, a medical degree from Indiana University. He subsequently trained as a flight surgeon with the United States Air Force. He joined the staff of Johnson Space Center in 1983 and investigated the physiological effects of microgravity.

Wolf was selected as an astronaut candidate in 1990 and first flew aboard mission STS-58 in 1993, a life sciences research mission. In 1997 and 1998, Wolf served a long-duration assignment aboard the Russian space station Mir, launching on STS-86 and returning on STS-89. Wolf also led the EVA activity on STS-112, an assembly mission for the International Space Station.

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