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David Reed (b. San Diego, California, 1946) is a contemporary American conceptual and visual artist.

David Reed is known as a colorist and for creating long, narrow abstract paintings on canvas that are hung either lengthwise or vertically and feature several images resembling enlarged photographs of swirling brushstrokes juxtaposed in a single painting. In his art Reed is engaged in a crossover between film, the electronic media and everyday culture. Besides being a fine arts painter, he is also an installation sculptor, a video artist , a lecturer on contemporary art and art history, and an exhibition curator. He has a fondness for the art from the Baroque and works by Degas and Delacroix .

In discussing paintings by John McLaughlin, the artist and dealer Nicholas Wilder once remarked to David Reed that owners of his paintings often move them into their bedrooms, in order to live with them more intimately. Reed saw in this practice his own aspiration to be a "bedroom painter." For his project "Two Bedrooms in San Francisco," Reed inserted images of his paintings into scenes from Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo (film), which take place in the bedrooms of the film's two main characters, Judy and Scottie. The modified film clips run continuously on television monitors as part of ensembles, which include life-size replicas of the two beds as they appear in the film and the very paintings that had been inserted in the film.

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