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Dave Ellis (born 1965) is an author and video game designer. He is also an avid classic arcade game collector and a columnist for GameRoom Magazine.

Ellis got his start in the game industry with MicroProse in March 1992 in Hunt Valley, Maryland. He started out in customer service then transferred to QA and eventually worked his way up to game design. It is here Ellis was first exposed to X-COM, a game franchise he would be involved with one way or another for most of his career. In 1998, Ellis designed a new installment of the X-COM series, a space-shooter, X-COM: Interceptor.

Ellis remained with MicroProse for seven and half years, surviving two buy-outs (from Spectrum Holobyte and then Hasbro Interactive in 1999). During these years he served in various roles on several games. During this period, Ellis moved to the former MicroProse office in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to work as the designer of X-COM: Genesis. He along with the rest of the studio were laid off that same year when Hasbro decided it didn't want to be a video game developer.

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