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Dan Ryan (born August 3, 1986) grew up in Pickerington, Ohio. Ryan has been a professional Halo 2 gamer since January 2005 under the pseudonym Ogre 1. In 2005, he and his twin brother, Tom Ryan (Ogre 2), won the gold in Halo 2 for the World Cyber Games. He has been a member of Major League Gaming four-on-four team Final Boss since the 2006 season. In June, 2006, he signed a contract with Major League Gaming worth 250,000 dollars over three years. Ryan has been featured in Electronic Gaming Monthly and BPM. He has also been shown on all of MLG's shows on USA Network in 2006. His favorite game type is Oddball on the Halo 2 level Midship.

Dan Ryan began his professional gaming career playing at small local tournaments along with Tom Ryan, his twin brother. The two soon discovered that they were among the best in these competitions, and they began to get involved with the fledgling professional gaming leagues at the time. Since then, he has been a member of Halo:CE and Halo 2 teams that have received much media and gamer attention for a pattern of finishing in the top of their tournaments and leagues, finishing at least second in each tournament they have been to on the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit, including Team 3D's Halo 2 team, Team StK, and his current team, Final Boss. He and his brother, Tom Ryan, also represented the United States in the Halo 2 competition at the 2005 World Cyber Games in Singapore, defeating the Canadian team to take the gold. As part of Final Boss, he helped the team to win two consecutive MLG National Championships in 2004 and 2005, before finishing the 2006 season by placing second at the MLG National Championships, losing to Team Carbon in a close 4-6 match. He is currently still a member of Final Boss, which received a $1,000,000, three year contract and will participate in the 2007 MLG season. Final boss is also sponsored by Professional Basketball player, Gilbert Arenas. As the 2008 season started, it seemed as if his team, Final Boss, would pick up where they left off, then winning MLG Meadowlands defeating Team Classic. After placing dismally at the next two events, Final Boss dropped Walshy to pick up the main slayer from Str8 Rippin, Neighbor. Walshy is currently with Instinct who had just placed 2nd in MLG Las Vegas while Final Boss failed to place in the top 3. The Final Boss roster has now split with Neighbor leaving the team to join Instinct and Strongside leaving to joing Status Quo with their former coach, JT Bravo. Prior to the 2009 Pro Circuit, Ogre 1 was rumored to be retiring but was confirmed on the team roster of: "The Incredibles". Going into 2009, Ogre 2, the only original remaining member of Final Boss, had recreated his team alongside pro players Mackeo, Fearitself, and Victory X. After attending Meadowlands 09 on The Incredibles, Ogre 1 has now retired his gaming career, and currently resides in Australia.

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