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Kendell Foster Crossen (July 25, 1910 - November 29, 1981) was a mainstay of American pulp fiction and science fiction of the 1950s. He was the author of The Green Lama, a popular pulp and comic book hero, and the Milo March detective novels.

His pen names included Richard Foster, Bennett Barlay, Kent and Clay Richards, Ken Crossen, Christopher Monig (allegedly the name of a ghost of the town of Crossen on the Oder), and M. E. Chaber (from the Hebrew word mechaber, meaning author).

Kendell Foster Crossen was born in Albany township outside Athens, Ohio, the only child of farmers Sam Crossen and Chlo Foster Crossen. He attended Rio Grande College in Ohio, was a college football player and amateur boxer, and worked at jobs ranging from carnival barker to insurance investigator. In the 1930s he was employed as a writer on WPA projects, including a New York City Guidebook, before becoming editor of Detective Fiction Weekly.

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