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Chung Mong Joon, or Chung Mong-joon or Chung Mong-jun, (Korean: 정몽준, born October 17, 1951 in Busan, South Korea) is a South Korean businessman and politician. He is the vice president of FIFA and the former president of the Korea Football Association. He is also the controlling shareholder in Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, the second largest Korean chaebol and one of the largest corporations in the world. He is the sixth son of its founder Chung Ju-yung. He is a graduate of Seoul National University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Johns Hopkins University with Ph.D.

He is also a member of the National Assembly of Korea, representing Ulsan. In 1998, Chung won a seat in the National Assembly of South Korea and is now in his fifth term in office. In 2002, he ran for the presidency, where Chung formed a coalition with candidate Roh Moo-hyun to swing voters away from conservative Grand National Party candidate Lee Hoi-chang. Chung controversially withdrew his endorsement of Roh in the last hour; but Roh went on to win the election nonetheless. In September 2010 he announced his intent to run for the presidency in December.

A talented sportsman, Chung won a silver medal in a national competition for equestrian jumping in 1976, and once placed fourth in a Korean cross-country skiing championship.

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