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Chrysler Canada Inc. is Chrysler's Canadian division. Incorporated in 1925, the Chrysler Corporation of Canada gained complete control of a Maxwell-Chalmers plant in Windsor Ontario that had been used to manufacture some Chrysler models in the previous year. Initially called Chrysler Canada, Ltd, the name of the company changed to DaimlerChrysler Canada Inc following the merger of the two parent companies. In August 2007, the company was renamed Chrysler Canada Incorporated when Cerberus Capital Management purchased 80.1% of its parent company Chrysler LLC.

Chrysler Canada has three manufacturing plants in operation in Canada, and built 535,878 cars and trucks in 2002. In 2007 the company sold 232,688 vehicles in the Canadian market. Currently in terms of sales, Chrysler Canada is number two in volume slightly edging out Ford Motor company not including their Premier Automotive Group holding just over 14% of the market.

Due to Windsor being the location of Chrysler's main Canadian headquarters and Minivan Plant, and the City of Oshawa housing General Motors Canadian headquarters and three plants, there is a friendly rivalry as Automotive Capital of Canada.

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