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The Jeanine Nicarico murder case was a complex and influential homicide investigation and prosecution in DuPage County, Illinois that sent two men to prison who were later exonerated and released, and contributed to the death penalty moratorium imposed by then-Governor George H. Ryan.

In July 2009, Brian Dugan pleaded guilty to the murder of Nicarico after previously confessing to the crime. Dugan is jailed on two unrelated murder charges, one of a 27-year old woman and one which began with the abduction of two seven-year old girls, one of whom escaped and the other of whom was raped and murdered by Dugan.

Jeanine Nicarico (born July 7, 1972) was kidnapped, raped and murdered on February 25, 1983. Her body was found two days later.Jeanine was home sick with the flu. Her mom, Pat, left her job as an elementary school secretary to drive home at noon to fix Jeanine a grilled cheese sandwich. Pat returned to work but spoke with Jeanine on the telephone in the early afternoon. Jeanine’s dad was at work and her sisters were at school.

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