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This article contains character information for the American television sitcom Home Improvement.

Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor (played by Tim Allen) — Tim Taylor (the character has a birth date of October 1954) is the father of the family. Ever the know-it-all, Tim believes he has an incredibly wide knowledge of tools, electronics and general mechanics. In reality, he is highly accident-prone. He actually does have a significant amount of skill as a general handyman, but can be overly confident. He often forgets a crucial step, ignores instructions, or comes to inaccurate conclusions. Taylor's "arch enemy", so to speak, was the real-life home improvement specialist, Bob Vila. Tim hosts a home improvement show called "Tool Time" with his best friend, Al Borland. While Al is his co-host, Al constantly must remind Tim of safety regulations and practices. Tim often ignores Al's advice, and this frequently results in an accident. While it is constantly mentioned that Tool Time is a limited local home improvement show that sits very high on the channel dial, Tool Time seems to have a very wide audience in the Detroit area. Tim often boasts at his popularity for hosting the show, but very many people like Al better. In later seasons it is learned that Tim actually has a higher fan base than Al, the characters just don't mention it to keep the show funny. Because of the numerous accidents he is involved in both on his TV show and at home, it is a recurring joke that Tim is on a first name basis with the hospital staff, and it is often suggested that Tim has special offers available to him for being a repeat customer. Another gag is that "Tool Time" fans believe his many accidents are staged, to show people what not to do. However, many of Tim's modified inventions work but are often too powerful, like his new ice cube dispenser in season 2. A running gag is Tim garbling sound advice he heard from Wilson and or otherwise making stupid remarks-although on one episode when Tim actually makes some sound advice on his own-he astonishes both his wife and Wilson! Another running gag is when Tim accidentally causes destruction to anything he touches-such as destroying the world's smallest car or running over a Marine Corps golf course-with a tank!

While Tim has a very good relationship with his wife, he is quick to admit defeat in any conflict they become engaged in. He also has a very healthy relationship with his three sons, but his wife often seems annoyed at the idea that Tim's mental age is closer to his sons than she would like.

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