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Barbara Ann Ryan (formerly, Stenbeck, St. Clair, Munson, Dixon, Munson, Montgomery and Stenbeck) is a fictional character on the American soap opera As the World Turns. In the early 1970s, Barbara was played by a succession of actresses, but the actress most associated with the role is Colleen Zenk Pinter, who has played her since September 1, 1978.

For much of the character's run, Barbara was a heroine who experienced many tragedies, mostly at the hands of her controlling ex-husband, James Stenbeck (Anthony Herrera). When writer Douglas Marland came on board at ATWT in 1985, he made Barbara a "bitch" of sorts, and had her break up a long standing couple (Tom and Margo). This proved to be unpopular, and Marland quickly reverted the character back to being "good" by pairing Barbara with Oakdale police detective (and later chief) Hal Munson (Benjamin Hendrickson).

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