Aysel Tuğluk (born 17 July 1965, Elâzığ, Turkey), is a is a Zaza speaking Kurdish politician of the Democratic Society Party (DTP) in Turkey. She graduated in law from Istanbul University and then worked as a lawyer. She was previously a member of the executive council of the Foundation for Society and Legal Studies (TOHAV).

As well as being a member of the Human Rights Association, she is a founder member of the Patriotic Women's Association (YKD). Elected to the Turlish Parliament in 2007, as an MP for Diyarbakir, she is regarded as a member of the moderate wing of the party. She previously acted as a lawyer for Abdullah Öcalan.

In 2007 she was sentenced to 18 months in jail , when she was DTP chairwoman, over the distribution of party leaflets in the Kurdish language, a violation of the law that requires all political literature be in Turkish.

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