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Anthony Brown is a fictional character from the Japanese novel, manga, and anime series Candy Candy. In the story, he becomes the first true love of the heroine Candy.

Their relationship was cut short when Anthony was dead after falling from a horse. Candy was the only one to witness his death, which left her with a terror of horses.

Anthony was a secondary character, only appearing in 20 of the series' 115 episodes. However, he still remained a popular character. Candy was initially drawn to Anthony probably because of his resemblance to the "Prince Of The Hill", a boy she had met when she was a little girl living in the orphanage. When she and Anthony first met, she thought that he was the prince, but she was wrong. In the end of the anime the prince's identity was revealed and it turned out that the boy in question was her friend Albert. Albert was the brother of Anthony's mother Pauna or Rose Mary and also the mysterious "Great Uncle William". Anthony loved cultivating roses and he named a variety of roses after Candy. Eliza, Candy's rival, was in love with Anthony too, but Anthony preferred Candy. Many fans waited until the last episode, hoping he would turn out to be alive. This didn't happen.

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