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The 2007 tuberculosis scare occurred when Atlanta personal-injury lawyer Andrew "Drew" Speaker flew from Atlanta, Georgia to Paris, France and then returned on a flight from Prague, Czech Republic to Montreal, Canada, when he crossed over the border and back into the United States while infected with multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believed at the time that Speaker was suffering from extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB). The incident sparked a debate in Congress on the failure of federal customs agents to stop him. Upon Speaker's return to the United States, the CDC placed him under involuntary isolation (similar to quarantine) using a provision of the Public Health Service Act. With this action, Speaker became the first individual subjected to a CDC isolation order since 1963.

In January 2007, Speaker suffered a fall and went to the doctor, concerned that he had bruised a rib. Doctors X-rayed his chest and found an abnormality that required further testing. Andrew Speaker was suspected of having TB when a positive PPD test came back on March 2, 2007. His third CT scan was done on March 3 and a bronchoscopy was done on March 8. After 18 days of incubation the isolate was sent to CDC for confirmation of his susceptibility results that were done by the Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHR).

On March 28, 2007 his doctors and the health department believed the TB strain Speaker had was a resistant one and communicated this to the CDC. On May 1 the apparent MDR TB infection was discussed with the CDC lab by his doctors and they discussed discontinuing the treatment he was on at that time. On May 9 the suspicion of MDR TB was confirmed. A meeting was held with Fulton County Health Officials, his doctors, his fiancée and his father and father-in-law on May 10, 2007. At this time he was told that he was not contagious and not a threat to anyone, but that he would need to go to Denver for treatment. It would take a few weeks to arrange this. He was advised, or according to some accounts strongly recommended, not to travel.

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