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Sayyed Ammar al-Hakim (Arabic: سید عمار الحكيم‎) is an Iraqi politician who leads the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, which was the largest party in Iraq's Council of Representatives from the 2003 Invasion of Iraq until the 2010 Iraqi elections.

Al-Hakim was born in 1971 in Al-Najaf, the son of Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim, who preceded him as leader of ISCI, and the grandson on Grand Ayatollah Muhsin al-Hakim, who lead the Iraqi Marja from 1961.

He went into exile in Iran in 1979 with his father after the government of Saddam Hussein had executed seven of his uncles and sixty two of his relatives. He attended private schools in Tehran and graduated from the Islamic Arabic University in Qom. He taught Arabic language, Islamic jurisprudence, logic, philosophy and the science of the Qur'an at the same university for several years.

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