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Adil (Adel) Abdul-Mahdi (al Muntafiki) (Arabic: عادل عبد المهدى‎ ) (born 1942 in Baghdad, Iraq) is an Iraqi Shi'a politician, economist, and is one of the two current Vice Presidents of Iraq. He was formerly the Finance Minister in the Interim government.

Abdel-Mahdi is a member of the powerful Shi'a party the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, or SIIC. Long based in neighboring Iran, the group opposed a United States administration but holds close ties with the other U.S.-backed groups that opposed Saddam Hussein, including the Kurds and the Iraqi National Congress.

He is a trained economist who left Iraq in 1969 for exile in France. He worked for French think tanks and edited magazines in French and Arabic. Adel Abdul Mahdi is also referred to as Adel Abd al'Mahdi, as well as other various derivations (this highlights the continual difficulties of transliteration from Arabic into English). Abdul-Mahdi was educated in France, and is the son of a respected Shiite cleric who was a minister in Iraq's monarchy. He attended high school at Baghdad College, an elite American Jesuit secondary school.

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