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Abdolmajid Rigi or Abdolmalek Rigi (also spelt Abdul-Malek Rigi or Abdulmalik Rigi) (Persian: عبدالمالک ریگی) (c. 1983 – June 20, 2010) was the leader of Jundallah, an Islamist Sunni militant organization based in the Sistan and Baluchestan Province of southeast Iran, until his capture and execution in 2010 by the Iranian government.

Born in 1983, Abdolmalek Rigi is from the Regi tribe who are an ethnic Iranian Baloch people. Prior to founding Jundallah, while a teenager, Rigi was convicted of assault with a knife, for which he served time in prison.

Although lacking any formal secular education, Rigi had been educated at Karachi's Binnori Town seminary, a Sunni Madrasah which was school to many of the Taliban leaders.

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