Drake does not approve of Macklemore's Grammy apology text to Kendrick Lamar

Drake thinks Macklemore should not have apologized for winning a Grammy: 'That sh** was wack as f**k."

By Kate Stanton

NEW YORK, Feb. 12 (UPI) -- Macklemore knew that winning Best Rap Album at last month's Grammy Awards would be controversial. But the Seattle rapper made it even more so when he sent an apology text to the person he thought should have won -- Kendrick Lamar -- then posted that text on Instagram.

"You got robbed. I wanted you to win. You should have. It's weird and it sucks that I robbed you," the message read in part.


“It’s well deserved; he did what he did, man,” Lamar said later. “He went out there and hustled and grinded. Everything happens for a reason; the universe comes back around, that’s how it go.”

Drake, who also happened to be up for the award, was less diplomatic in his response, telling Rolling Stone that Macklemore's apology "was wack as f**k."

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"I was like, 'You won. Why are you posting your text message? Just chill," he said. "Take your W, and if you feel you didn't deserve it, go get better -- make better music.

"It felt cheap. It didn't feel genuine. Why do that? Why feel guilt? You think those guys would pay homage to you if they won?" he added.


The Canadian rapper said that the best work doesn't always make for Grammy Awards, but he's okay with that. But he's not sure why Macklemore singled out Lamar.

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"To name just Kendrick? That sh** made me feel funny. No, in that case, you robbed everybody. We all need text messages!"

[Rolling Stone]

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