Tom Sizemore admits he lied about Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Hurley affair

Tom Sizemore says the allegations he made regarding an alleged affair between his ex-girlfriend and President Clinton were "the rantings of a guy who had a very severe drug problem."
Posted By Veronica Linares  |  Feb. 6, 2014 at 10:37 AM
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LOS ANGELES, Feb. 6 (UPI) -- Tom Sizemore has stepped forward to debunk reports that his ex girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley had an affair with President Bill Clinton.

While speaking to the Huffington Post Live, the 52-year-old actor admitted that the recording British newspaper The Globe and its American counterpart Radar Online used for the story simply featured "the rantings of a guy who had a very severe drug problem."

"Although I said it, none of it true," he added.

The Globe's story cited an audio recording where Sizemore spoke of the alleged rendezvous between the 48-year-old actress and Clinton. In the tape, the recovered actor reportedly says that Clinton asked him for Hurley's phone number during a 1998 White House screening of Saving Private Ryan.

"I've never met former President Clinton, I've never known him to know Ms. Hurley," the actor said as he sat alongside his manager, Charles Lago, onscreen. "I'm not denying that I said these things. ... I don't remember saying these things."

Asked about the possible motivations someone might have to release the tape, Lago said that he received a call two weeks before Christmas of someone trying to sell him a "fairly damaging video of Tom," and that they would sell it for $6,000.

Sizemore has been clean since going to celebrity rehab in 2009.

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