Anderson Cooper talks 'Mini Cooper' dummy

The "AC360" host jokes about a dummy of himself his staff found on eBay.

Gabrielle Levy

Anderson Cooper is poking fun at his own penchant for tripping over his words.

On Thursday night's RidicuList on AC360, Cooper highlighted the "Mini Cooper" ventriloquist dummy, which his staff found on eBay, hand-crafted over three months and for sale for $360,000.


"Why do they have such a bad reputation?" he asks, showing a clip from The Twilight Zone. "They're not creepy at all."

"Now I'm paranoid that 'Mini Cooper' is going to haunt my dreams," he said, adding he was excited to learn more about the art of "ventriloquism."

If only he could get the word out.

"Except before I learn how to throw my voice, I think I should learn the art of regular talking," he joked.

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