Tamara Ecclestone loses Lamborghini in case against ex-boyfriend

The Formula 1 heiress was ordered to pay more £22,000 to two car companies after dragging them to court over a car she gifted to an ex-boyfriend.

Veronica Linares
Tamara Ecclestone. UPI/Hugo Philpott
Tamara Ecclestone. UPI/Hugo Philpott | License Photo

British-Croatian socialite Tamara Ecclestone lost a case against her ex-boyfriend, Omar Khyami, and was ordered to let him keep the Lamborghini Aventador she gifted him when they were still a couple.

The 29-year-old daughter of Fomula 1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone reportedly gave her ex-boyfriend the £380,000 sports car as a present for his 38th birthday in 2012. But after Khyami used the car as security for an outstanding balance on another car, Ecclestone claimed she never intended for him to think the car was his.


The troubles began when the vehicle was seized from Ecclestone by Elite Card Ltd. -- the company she purchased it from -- to cover Khyami's outstanding balance.

Elite then sold the car to Ansol Trading Ltd.

In court, the judge decided Ansol was the rightful owner of the car and ordered Ecclestone to pay them £15,000 in damages and interest as well as other £7,500 to Elite as compensation for the bad publicity they got from the case.

"The judge was correct when he said the car had been more trouble than it's worth and this has been a difficult time for Tamara and her family," said the socialite's rep.


"Tamara thanks everyone for their support and it is now time to focus on the future and positive times ahead."


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