Angie Harmon lobbies for Eastland Mall movie studios

The 41-year-old actress is board member of Studio Charlotte Development,a group that looks to remake Charlotte's Eastland Mall into movie studios.

By Veronica Linares
Angie Harmon. UPI/John Angelillo
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Law & Order star and Charlotte resident Angie Harmon lobbied the Charlotte City Council Thursday to support a proposal to redevelop the Eastland Mall site into movie studios.

The 41-year-old star -- a board member of Studio Charlotte Development, a group led by local movie executive Bert Hesse that seeks to remake Eastland -- spoke to a handful of council members during an economic development committee meeting.


“I can bring insight into the business,” she said. “I begged (Studio Charlotte) them to let me be a part of it.”

Studio Charlotte Development asked the city for the 80-acre Eastland site for free in addition to city and county incentives worth $24.7 million. In total incentives and land are worth $38 million.

Under the studio's proposal, the city and county would get property tax rebates for a 10-year period based on the tax revenue the project would generate. However, the developer will need more money for upfront costs than the project will initially generate in tax revenue.

While speaking to The Charlotte Observer reporters, Harmon explained that as a mother of three girls it would be significantly easier to do the filming right at home.


"Homeland can make Charlotte look like Afghanistan, so I'm fairly confident that we can make Charlotte look like Boston more than Los Angeles looks like Boston," she said.

"I love Los Angeles, I love Hollywood it's been very very good to me, but on the other hand, I choose to raise my family here and I just love to be girl my girls as much as I can," she added.

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