Jim Harbaugh's wife sacks him for wearing $8 khakis from Walmart

“I will not take the blame for his outfits,” says Sarah Harbaugh.
Posted By Evan Bleier Follow @itishowitis Contact the Author   |   Jan. 16, 2014 at 1:16 PM
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The wife of San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh called a California radio station this week, not to talk about Sunday’s NFC Championship game against the Seattle Seahawks, but to complain about her husband’s sideline attire.

Harbaugh is usually seen coaching his team while wearing a pair of pleated khaki pants.

“I will not take the blame for his outfits,” Sarah Harbaugh said during an appearance on KMVQ-FM. “I’ve thrown them away many of times. I’ve asked him ‘Please, pleats are gone. Wear the flat front.’ I threw them out and when he went to the combine, he found a Walmart. They were $8. $8!”

Sarah feels that Big Jim’s pleated pants are a poor reflection on them both.

“He has a flattering body,” Sarah said. “I do have style. I might be from the Midwest, but I have some style.”

If the 49ers do end up winning the Super Bowl, it could be the perfect time for Jim to say goodbye to his discount trousers once and for all.

“I still love him but he did say next year he would make a change if it was that important,” Sarah said.

Jim did wear a pair of flat-front khakis to his Wednesday press conference.

"Problem solved there," Jim said. "Levi, Nike and Dickie make a flat khaki. Happy wife, happy life. These Dickies cost $23, but they were on sale."

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