Church sex abuse files made public

The documents detail incidents in which some 30 clergy are accused of sexual abuse.

By Gabrielle Levy
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The Chicago archdiocese of the Catholic Church turned some 6,000 pages of documents related to clergy sexual abuse over to victims' attorneys Wednesday.

Attorneys for the dozens of alleged victims said they planned to make the documents available to the public.


“I want to offer apologies to all victims affected by these sins and crimes,” Auxiliary Bishop Francis Kane said.

Kane said the documents reveal that some accused clergy were returned to the pulpit despite the archdiocese knowing of the allegations of abuse and determined they were fit to serve.

"We found out that isn't true," Kane said. "That was a mistake. We made a terrible mistake."

According to John O'Malley, an attorney for the archdiocese, the documents detail incidents involving 30 priests, 14 of whom have died. All but two are no longer priests, he said, and 95 percent of the incidents occurred before 1988, and none after 1996.

"The information is painful,” O'Malley said. “It's difficult to read even without the benefit of hindsight. We believe, however, that this step is an important step in the process of transparency.”

He said the files on former priest and convicted sex offender Daniel McCormack have been left out of the released documents because a judge has sealed them pending upcoming trials.


The following are the priests named in the documents.

Robert Becker*

Joseph Bennett

Kenneth Brigham*

William Cloutier*

Robert Craig

John William Curran*

Joseph Fitzharris

James Hagan

Daniel Mark Holihan

Thomas Job

Thomas Kelly*

Joseph Kissane*

Norbert Maday

Robert Mayer

Vincent McCaffrey

William O'Brien

Joseph Owens

Emmanuel Pallakunnen*

Russell Romano

Kenneth Ruge*

Raymond Skriba*

Marion Snieg*

James Steel

Victor Stewart*

Ralph Strand*

Thomas Swade

Henry Swider*

Walter Turlo

Donald Ulatowski*

Michael Weston


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