Man arrested at Nashville airport with $153,000 in cash

Conor Guckian said he was traveling to California to buy gold.

By Kate Stanton

Jan. 14 (UPI) -- A Nashville man's planned trip to California did not go as planned.

Police arrested 33-year-old Conor Guckian at Nashville International Airport on Tuesday when officers found him with $153,000 in cash.


Guckian laid down $20,000 in cash to board a private jet from Nashville to California, prompting someone to contact airport security.

Police approached him just before he got on the plane and found the money wrapped in 32 bundles. Officers also said that sniffing dogs smelled drugs on the money.

Guckian, who said he was going to California to buy gold, admitted that he'd been arrested before on a cocaine charge. Officers arrested him on a money laundering charge.

[The Tennessean, WSMV]

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