Floyd Mayweather trolls Manny Pacquiao about possible fight in online Christmas card

Mayweather wishes recently defeated fighter "Happy Sleepy Holidays."
Posted By Evan Bleier  |  Dec. 24, 2013 at 8:09 AM
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Undefeated welterweight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. was apparently feeling a little bit like the Grinch so he went on to Twitter to take some shots at longtime rival Manny Pacquiao with a quartet of mocking Christmas cards.

Boxing fans have been salivating about the possibility of a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao showdown for years now, but due to contractual disagreements and arguments about money, it appears the fight may never happen.

Mayweather all but said as much when he insinuated that the fight would never occur as long as Pacquiao remained with promoter Bob Arum.

"We all know the Pacquiao fight, at this particular time, will never happen, and the reason why the fight won't happen is because I will never do business with Bob Arum again in [my] life, and Pacquiao is Bob Arum's fighter,” Mayweather said.

If the two ever do meet in the ring, it’s estimated the bout would gross some $300 million.

"Bob Arum gives Pacquiao a date, whereas Floyd Mayweather gives Floyd Mayweather his own date. I will be fighting again in May and I will be fighting again in September. And I want to see Manny Pacquiao's real pay-per-view numbers. Get his pay-per-view numbers from his last fight and compare them to my pay-per-view numbers with Canelo Alvarez. Did he do 1.2 million homes? He has done one million homes."

Who knows if Mayweather really wants to see the fight happen or if he’s just trying to dump a little coal in Pacquiao’s stocking for the holidays, but it does seem as if at least one prominent person in the boxing world as a genuine interest in seeing the fight happen.


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