Shia LaBeouf accused of plagiarism over short film

The "Transformers" star came under fire for not using proper accreditation in his directorial debut.

By Veronica Linares
Shia LaBeouf accused of plagiarism over short film
Shia LaBeouf. UPI/David Silpa | License Photo

Shia LaBeouf made his directorial debut Monday with a short film he posted online titled and while the movie opened to mostly positive reviews, the actor has been facing harsh criticism for failing to credit the story that inspired it.

The film reportedly has remarkable similarities to Daniel Clowes's 2007 comic Justin M. Damiano and it even includes a few direct quotes from the story, but the 27-year-old Transformers star forgot to credit Clowes for his contribution.


After several sites wrote about LaBeouf's alleged plagiarism, the actor took to Twitter to explain he "got lost in the creative process and neglected to follow proper accreditation."

"I was truly moved by his piece of work & I knew that it would make a poignant & relevant short. I apologize to all who assumed I wrote it," he continued.

"I deeply regret the manner in which these events have unfolded and want @danielclowes to know that I have a great respect for his work," he added.


While LaBeouf's apology sounds sincere, a few users have found that some of his tweets resemble a post from Yahoo Answers from four years ago:

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"Copying isn't particularly creative work," LaBoeuf wrote on Twitter while defending himself. "Being inspired by someone else's idea to produce something new and different IS creative work."

The post it resembles reads, "Merely copying isn’t particularly creative work, though it’s useful as training and practice. Being inspired by someone else’s idea to produce something new and different IS creative work."

You can watch LaBeouf's 12-minute short film -- and read Clowes' comic -- here.

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