S4 catches fire, Samsung tries to silence report

After the owner of a Galaxy S4 posted a video on YouTube proving his expensive phone had caught fire, Samsung allegedly demanded he take the video down.

By Gabrielle Levy
S4 catches fire, Samsung tries to silence report
Damage to a Samsung Galaxy S4 after it allegedly caught fire while charging. (Facebook/Ghostlyric)

Dec. 11 (UPI) -- The owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4 said the smartphone maker has tried to quash his story that the phone caught fire while charging, refusing to send him a replacement phone unless he took down a video and photos showing the damage from the fire.

The phone's owner, who goes by the username Ghostlyrich on YouTube and Facebook, posted a video with the proof of the damage, writing in the video's description that the video was meant to be "the proof the phone caught fire that Samsung was asking for."


"So far, they have been jerking me around," he said. "Well here is a video proving my claim and a warning to Samsung S4 owners the claims are true."

Ghostlyric said Samsung sent him a letter demanding he take down the video -- which has now amassed more than 800,000 views -- before they replaced his still under warranty device. The letter also demanded he agree never to divulge any settlement and remove Samsung of any legal responsibility.

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Rather than comply, Ghostlyric posted another video -- which has more than a million views -- and asked people to spread the word.


The company said in a statement it hoped to work with Ghostlyric and had sent him a replacement phone.

“We take the safety and security of our customers very seriously," a Samsung spokesperson said. "Samsung Canada has made multiple attempts to reach the customer and hopes to recover the phone so that we may investigate further. As requested, a replacement phone was sent to the customer.”

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