O.J. Simpson denied new trial

The former football star tried to get his robbery and kidnapping convictions overturned by claiming his original legal team had inadequately defended him.

Gabrielle Levy
O.J. Simpson. (UPI Photo/Issac Brekken/POOL)
O.J. Simpson. (UPI Photo/Issac Brekken/POOL) | License Photo

Nov. 27 (UPI) -- A judge has denied former football star O.J. Simpson a new trial to overturn his convictions of kidnapping and attempted robbery in 2007.

Clark County, Nev., Judge Linda Marie Bell said Tuesday denied each of the 22 points Simpson's attorneys made to claim he was inadequately represented in his 2008 trial and deserved a new one.


"Given the overwhelming amount of evidence," Bell wrote, "neither the errors in this case, nor the errors collectively, cause this court to question the validity of Mr. Simpson's conviction."

Simpson, who was acquitted of the 1995 murder of his wife, Nicole Brown and her friend Ronald Goodman, was caught taking sports memorabilia at gunpoint from a Las Vegas hotel room in September 2007 and convicted of 12 counts of robbery, kidnapping, coercion and conspiracy.

The 66-year-old Heisman Trophy winner maintains the times were stolen and rightfully his, and claims he was poorly represented by his lawyers at his trial, which landed him with a 33-year prison sentence.

A Nevada judge agreed last October to reopen the case to determine if Simpson's direct appeal for a new trial was valid, and then in July, a parole board reduced his sentence.


He will serve at least four more years in prison.


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