Eighth case of meningitis reported at Princeton

The eighth case is also from the same B strain of the disease, which is not protected by meningitis vaccines available in the U.S. The CDC has requested the use of a foreign vaccine to deal with the outbreak.

By Ananth Baliga

Nov. 26 (UPI) -- Princeton University and the New Jersey Health Department confirmed Tuesday another case of meningitis on campus, the eighth instance in the outbreak.

The latest case has been confirmed as a being from the B strain of the disease, the same kind that infected the other seven students. The health department was informed of the suspected case last week after the student was hospitalized. At present the student has been discharged and is recovering.


The Centers for Disease Control has recommended the use of a vaccine, licensed for use in Europe and Australia but not the U.S., to fight again the B strain, as vaccines available in the U.S. cannot immunize against this kind of meningitis.

In the meantime the CDC has maintained that all school activities can continue as scheduled and warned students to be cautious as the disease is very contagious.

The university expects to begin administering the vaccine in early December, after students return from Thanksgiving break.

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