Casey Kasem getting 'good to excellent care', judge says

Kerri Kasem, Casey Kasem's eldest daughter, says a permanent conservatorship over her ailing father's estate is still on the table.

By Veronica Linares

Nov. 20 (UPI) -- Casey Kasem's three adult children might be able to visit their ailing father in time for the holidays, after an attorney for their stepmother Jean Kasem expressed a desire to settle her differences with the radio host's children.

Casey Kasem's children Kerri, 41, Julie, 38, and Mike, 40, have been fighting their stepmother since July alleging she has not allowed them to visit their father who is suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease.


On Tuesday Superior Court Judge Lesley C. Green denied a request from the siblings to take control of their father's affairs, saying the 81-year-old radio personality was getting the care he needed.

"He's receiving either good to excellent care," Green stated. "I find no good cause for a temporary conservatorship."

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The judge encouraged both parties to agree on a visitation schedule and put an end to their feud.

"I'm going to push you to work on this," Green said.

Jean Kasem's attorney Marshall Grossman told the judge his client was not "looking to provide a piecemeal solution," but instead wanted "to bring peace to this matter." He added that Casey Kasem's children have rejected two visitation schedule proposals thus far.


The proposal included supervised individual visits every third Sunday for one hour, including major holidays and Casey Kasem's birthday. In a addition, the children must drop their request for a permanent conservatorship as a condition of visitation rights.

Although an agreement was not reached Tuesday, Grossman said he was "optimistic" that a truce would be reached soon.

"We're happy to know Casey Kasem is well cared for, and we're thrilled the judge addressed the issue of visitation. Mr. Kasem very much wants to see his children. We're now going to see if we can make that happen," said Julie Kasem's attorney Andrew Katzenstein.

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"The question of permanent conservatorship is still on the table, but we're hopeful that reasonable visiting arrangements will be made soon," added Kerri Kasem.


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