British couple leaves sassy apology note to burglars

Kate Barrett wrote a tongue-and-cheek apology note to the people that invaded her home, and posted photos of #ThingsTheyDidntSteal on Twitter.
Posted By Kate Stanton  |  Nov. 14, 2013 at 9:30 PM
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Nov. 14 (UPI) -- Kate Barrett and Dan Owens, of Northampton, England, returned home over the weekend to find that burglars had "ransacked" their house. The couple said that while they didn't have many valuable possessions -- only an iPod, some cash and a camera were stolen -- they were disappointed that the thieves hadn't helped them clear out their house.

Barrett and Owens then posted a tongue-and-cheek "apology" letter to their door, telling the unidentified thieves that they were "sorry we didn’t have more for you to take."

"As you now know, we don’t have particularly expensive tastes so there’s no need to come in again, unless you would like to take my collection of VHS videos and cassettes -- Dan is very disappointed you didn’t take these first time round," Barrett wrote. "If you would like them just knock on the front door and ask -- no need to break another patio door as it’s dreadfully hard work cleaning up all the glass."

‘Thanks for all the finger prints -- we really appreciated those," she added.

"I was obviously really shaken and upset when it happened, but writing the note made me smile and see the funny side of things," Barrett told Metro. "You’ve got to keep your sense of humour when something like this happens. We’re fine, I’m just glad they burgled us instead of an elderly couple or someone vulnerable."

Barrett shared photos of the letter, as well as her VHS and magazine collection, on her Twitter feed.

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