Last Blockbuster movie ever rented? 'This Is The End'

Well played, old-school movie renters.

By Gabrielle Levy
A Blockbuster Video store. (CC/Stu Pendousmat)
A Blockbuster Video store. (CC/Stu Pendousmat)

Nov. 13 (UPI) -- It's the end of an era: Blockbuster is, at long last, shutting its doors.

And while its 300 remaining stores will stay open for a little while, to turn off the lights for the last time by January, their movie rental service is already history.


The very last movie rented? The appropriately chosen This Is The End.

At 11 p.m. Saturday in Hawaii, the last people ever to rent a movie from Blockbuster picked the Seth Rogan apocalypse comedy, and the store immortalized the moment on its Twitter feed.

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Rogan, replying to the tweet, seemed nostalgic.

"This is nuts and sad," the funnyman wrote. "In high school I would go hang out at blockbuster every day."


Blockbuster launched in 1985, and at one point, grew to more than 9,000 locations. But with the explosion of online streaming, iTunes and Netflix, the brick-and-mortar business couldn't keep up, even after it tried expanding to mail-order and online streaming models.

Blockbuster By Mail will end in mid-December, ahead of final store closures. DISH Network, which bought blockbuster in 2010, said Blockbuster On Demand will continue, and franchised and licensed locations will stay open.

And between now and January, the remaining stores will reopen beginning Thursday to liquidate inventory.

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