Baby cries tears of joy when her mom serenades her in viral video

Watch this 10-month-old baby girl experience a range of emotions when she hears her mother sing "My Heart Can't Tell You No."
Posted By Kate Stanton Follow @KateStan Contact the Author   |  Oct. 29, 2013 at 7:02 PM
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(UPI) -- While everyone knows that babies can like music, you don't often see them experiencing a range of adult-like emotions when they hear heartbreaking ballads. But one particular strong strikes a chord with this 10-month-old baby girl from Ontario, Canada.

Whenever her mom sings "My Heart Can't Tell You No," performed by both Rod Stewart and Sara Evans, this little girl sheds tears tempered by smiles.

“No one can explain why, not even I," mom Amanda Leroux told Storyful. "I can sing any other song and do not get the same reaction from her. It’s to adorable to keep all to ourselves."

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